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Clinical courses for medical professionals

Prof. Sharma teaching the students of Homeopathy of Canadian Collage of Holistic Health

Homeopathic practitioners courses for beginners( Conducted through Homeopathic Medical Educational Centre of Canada Inc.)

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science ( DHMS) is a three years intensive introductory course on the principles, Art and Science of Homeopathy . The pre-requisites of anatomy, physiology and pathology will be emphasized in the Ist year , with emphasis on Homeopathy throughout the three years course . Regular tutorials are arranged throughout each course to enable students to exchange views with the college staff and for remedial instruction. Clinical training will be imparted throughout the second year of the course of study under the supervision of qualified Homeopaths. It involves training in case taking, clinical studies and prescribing. Candidates are required to send their resume/bio-data, letters of reference and experience. Candidates may be subject to and interview by the Education Committee.

However all applicants will be evaluated on the basis of individual merit. Upon completion of the course, the students will be awarded the Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine(DHM) . The students must study and pass the following compulsory modules with at least 70% marks.

Course Outline : (I) History of Homeopathy including the life and works of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Founder of Homeopathy.

(2) Organon of Medicine (3) Homeopathic Pharmacy (3) Homeopathic Repertorisation

(4) Pathology (5) Preventative and Social Medicine (6) Nutrition and Clinical dietetics

(7) Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology (8) Gynaecology and Obstetrics (9) Surgery

(10) First Aid treatment of cuts, burns shock, fractures and motor vehicular accident. Basic CPR

Course Fee (for beginners)
Canadian Citizens $ 5,500/- per annum
Overseas students$ 6,500/- per annum

Fast track courses in Diploma in Homeopathy is also available to individuals who can attend classes during week days/ week ends- the fees will be $1000/- p.m. in such cases.

For International Medical Graduates/M.D.s:
Course Duration/Fees: 9 months: $7,500/-

The above course includes Student Membership of the Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada. Attendance at the Annual Conference/Seminar of the Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada.(


Anatomy & Physiology

This course provides the student with an integrated view of living anatomy, functions and vital processes of the body. This program is unique in its field as it meets the requirements that are set out by Homeopathic associations and also includes the courses that the college believes are necessary for practicing Homeopathy.

Course Outline:

  •  Muscular system
  •  Immune system
  •  Skeletal system
  •  Respiratory system
  •  Nervous system
  •  Digestive system
  •  Endocrine system
  •  Urinary system
  •  Lymphatic system
  •  Reproductive system


$3,500.00 / Year

International Student Price

$4,500.00 / Year





Instructing Hours


Class Room Hours



1 year

Prerequisite: OPEN

The ‘Certificate and Diploma Courses in Homeopathy’ conducted by Prof. Sharma have been given the Affiliation Status by the Canadian College of Holistic Health, Canada vide their letter dated. 27th June, 2001.


(N.B. :Details of the above courses are sent on request by E mail)

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