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 Materia Medica





DEFINITION:  The branch of medical science which studies the origin and preparation of drugs, their doses,  and their mode of administration , also, the drugs themselves.In Homeopathy, it is a reference  work listing remedies and their therapeutic actions.

MATERIA MEDICA PURA:  means that the information comes solely from provings and not from Clinical or from toxological symptmotology.

 There are many homeopathic materia medicas, the most well known being the BOERICKE, which came out in 1901.  There are two kinds of materia medica : ones like Hering's  and Allen's which are compilation of raw proving data and those like Boericke's  , Kent's , Nash's etc. which are good digests.

 When homeopathy was in its infancy the number of drugs or remedies in the Materia Medica was very small.  It was extremely easy to go remedy by remedy and look up symptoms in order to find out the curative remedy.  However, as the science expanded it was necessary to find a better way to retrieve all these 'quotes' or symptoms , therefore an index was needed.  And thus the REPETORY was born- which is the index to MATERIA MEDICA .  KENT'S REPETORY  is the most commonly used REPETORY.

 All the diseases known to man have their likeness in the Materia Medica and the physician must become so conversant with this art that he perceive this kiindness.

 POLYCHREST REMEDIES:    A remedy whose provings and clinical applications show that it has many widespread uses, covering a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical symptomatology .  For example compare the uses of NUX VOMICA, a polycrest with  Selenium .  Other well known polychrests include sulphur, phosphorus , Arsenic Album , lachesis and natrum  mur.

 From his introduction to NUX VOMICA in his Materia Medica Pura , Hahnemann defines polychrest:- "There are a few remedies in which the majority of symptoms correspond in similarity to some common disease, and which can therefore often be collectively applied homoeopathically.  We could call these remedies as POLYCHRESTS .  They become specific remedies for certain disease like CONSTIPATION,, MEANOPAUSAL SYNDROME , RHEUMATIS M ETC.

In materia medica the quotes written in ittalics are the characterstic  and peculiar symptoms of the medicine confirmed by repeated provings and observations.

                      MODALITIES:   < means aggravation;   > means amelioration.

 The sides of the Body and Drug Affinities(page 41 of Boericke) - like some medicines are having affinities for left side or some on left side(Spigelia, lachesis acts better on left side and belladonna and Lycopodium acts better on right sided complaints.)

 HOT REMEDIES AND COLD REMEDIES  i.e. remedies pre-eminently aggravated by cold,; and remedies  pre-eminently aggravated by heat . and REMEDIES SENSITIVE TO BOTH EXTREMES OR TEMPERATURES..(19)


NOSODES:   It is derived from Greek word: Nosos:"Disease" eidos:  "from".

 The potentized homeopathic remedy prepared from diseased tissue or the product of the disease is called the Nosodes.  It can be used to prevent or treat a miasm or the associated diseases of the tissue material or a miasm as well as many other uses.

 EXAMPLES are : (1) PYROGENUM: prepared from potentizing  SEPTIC PUS.

                             (2) PSORINUM: prepared from potentized Scabies vesicle.

                             (3) TUBERCULIN   M:----------DO---------Tubercular abscess.

                             (4)VARIOLINUM:---------------DO---------SMALL POX PUSTULE.

                             (5) CARCINOSIN----------------DO---------CARCINOMA.

HAHNEMANN was the first man to conceive that the products of disease could be used in the cure of diseases.  His preparation , PSORINUM was the first vaccine to be made in the medical history(even before Pasteur invented VACCINE.

SARCODE:  (iso (same) organo-therapy)  a healthy glandular or tissue extract made into a homeopathic remedy  (cf. NOSODE, a remedy made from diseased tissue or discharges) when administered , it acts to support and/or restore normal functioning of the respective tissues or organ by stimulating its normal functions.

EXAMPLES:-   THYROIDINUM  ( Dried Thyroid gland of sheep)

                           PITUITARY GLAND: 

                            They are prescribed in potencies or mother tincture.



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